What to Expect after Dental Implant Therapy



Expectation of Dental Implant Patients after Dental Implant Theraphy

  • Your damaged tooth is removed.
  • If you were sedated during surgery, you may feel light headed and drowsy… your dentist will recommend you have a family member or friend drive you home.
  • It is recommended to begin taking your prescribed pain killers PRIOR to the sedation wears off to ensure your comfort and relief of any residual pain from the surgery.
  • Light bleeding adjacent to the implant is to be expected… you can use gauze (sterilized by your dentist) to stop the bleeding.
  • Side effects over the next few weeks can be swelling, soreness and bruising… this is all normal, however should it last longer than a few weeks, consult your dentist.

Dental Implants aftercare Instructions

  • After placing dental implant, patient will feel some pain and discomfort. Level of pain is generally mild. After dental implant surgery, pain meds and antibiotics will be given by the surgeon. By taking analgesics, pain can be managed.
  • Patient should take cold food stuffs after implant surgery.
  • Patient ought to take lots of fluids and may drink a minimum of eight glasses of water or fruit juice every day.
  • Gush of blood for initial 24 hours after procedure is normal. To control bleeding, patient can put gauze pack for 30 minutes on implanted teeth.
  • Regular dental visits and check-ups helps dental implants patients to recover fast.

Should you fit the criteria for ottawa dental implant surgery, at Florence Dentistry : Our ottawa dental service are more than willing to walk you through the initial consultation and hold your hand through the recovery period – we accept all insurance companies, offer payment plans and direct bill.   



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