Habits That Ruin Your Teeth


Many of us have habits that we do on the daily… but did you know that many of these habits that ruin your teeth!

Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice damages your teeth. Frozen hard ice cubes can easily crack and chip your teeth.

Tongue/Lip Piercings

Metal rubbing against gums results in damaged gums. Another problem with tongue piercings is that constantly biting down on metal can cause chipping or cracks in teeth. Tongue piercings also lead to increased bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to several problems.

Cough Drops

Yes, cough drops can be helpful when we’re sick, but unfortunately cough drops are part of the habits that ruin your teeth. They are often filled with a ton of sugar! Make sure you brush your teeth after you’ve finished your cough drop, or try sugar free cough drops as an alternative!

Opening Packages With Your Teeth

We often turn to opening stuff with our teeth. By doing so teeth can easily chip or crack. Try using scissors next time you’ve got something tricky to open!

Chewing on Pencils

Studying and working can often get stressful and many of us turn to chewing on our pencils or pens. Like most habits that ruin your teeth, this habit chips and cracks your teeth. If you feel the need to chew, try some sugarless gum next time!

Now that you’ve learned more about habits that ruin your teeth make sure you are careful and try to stay away from these!

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