Dental Implant Therapy Ottawa

A dental implant is an artificial root that is surgically placed within the bone of the jaw to replace a missing tooth (or even to hold an attached denture or bridge). An implant can be a magnificent replacement for an individual who has lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, injury or extraction, come our branch for implant dentist Ottawa.


There are two forms of implant therapy-

Endosteal: This is the most common type of implant available – the method is placing a screw within the bone of the jaw.

Subperiosteal: This type of implant is placed adjacent to the bone, with the metal framework protruding through the gingiva (gums) to hold the prosthesis. This type of dental implant is best for patients who cannot wear conventional dentures and/or who have minimal bone height within the jaw.

Who can have an implant?

Dental implants Ottawa are appropriate for nearly any individual who has lost at least one teeth and might want to reestablish their appearance or biting capacity; notwithstanding, as it is vital that the patient’s bone tissue is completely created, they are not utilized as a part of youngsters more youthful than 18 years old.

To be considered for implants, your mouth must be in a solid condition, with no untreated tooth rot or dynamic periodontal (gum) malady. On the off chance that inserts are fitted within the sight of dynamic periodontitis, there is a risk that a contamination will create around the embed, which will prompt to its disappointment and misfortune. On the off chance that you meet every one of the criteria for inserts over, your periodontist will be cheerful to talk about the different treatment alternatives that are accessible, which will rely on upon many elements individual to you, for example, your general wellbeing, the number and position of missing teeth, and the amount and nature of your bone tissue.

How long will my implant last?

Dental implants have been utilized effectively for a long time and we realize that, with cautious upkeep, they will work for a long time. In studies, 95% of inserts keep going for no less than 5 years, yet most are probably going to have an any longer life.

What to expect after dental implant therapy-

  • If you were sedated during surgery, you may feel light headed and drowsy your dentist will recommend you have a family member or friend drive you home.
  • It is recommended to begin taking your prescribed pain killers PRIOR to the sedation wears off to ensure your comfort and relief of any residual pain from the surgery.
  • Light bleeding adjacent to the implant is to be expected you can use gauze (sterilized by your dentist) to stop the bleeding.

At Florence Dentistry – Downtown Ottawa Dentist, we provide a wide range of dental services for Ottawa patients needing various treatments from general to more detailed procedures. Our staff includes several Ottawa native dental specialists who have years of experience dealing with particular and special-case dental treatments.


Why We Love Ottawa Dental Service

We provide bright and welcoming Ottawa downtown Dentistry has been a destination for discerning patients who are looking for general, cosmetic, and implant dental services from some of the best-rated dentists in the Ottawa region, here some information about Ottawa Dental Service and our doctors who make you feel loving and caring at Florence Density.


Dr Magdalena Lysik obtained her National Dental Examining Board Certificate in 1988, and opened her practice in Westboro. She has been practicing since 1989, and moved to her new Downtown Ottawa location in 2012. She is a member of Royal Collage of Dental Surgeon, Ontario Dental Association, and Ottawa Dental Society.

Dr Edit Dragoi has completed her Canadian National Dental Board Exams in 1995. She has over 2000 hours of continuing education in orthodontics, neuromuscular dentistry, TMD, and obstructive sleep apnea. She is a member of Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association, International Association for Orthodontics, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, International College of Cranial Mandible Orthopedics.

We are excited to maintain this level of service, and continue our goal to offer nearly all aspects of dentistry for hygiene, and extractions, and others Invisalign, Implant Dentistry, Root Canal procedures, and a wide variety of COSMETIC DENTISTRY PROCEDURES.

We offering new and exciting ways to ensure our patients’ comfort and convenience. Florence Dentistry offers DIGITAL X-RAYS, INTRAORAL CAMERA procedures, and other services that can help to improve your dental health and offer the level of comfort that families have come to expect from Gilmour Dental for generations.

We look forward to continuing to offer high-quality dentistry to families in Ottawa, Schedule your next appointment at our Ottawa dental office, our dental practice offers a wide variety of services for you and your family, whether you need a dental appliance, teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental implants, or more, our dental team is here to help.

When you visit near our office, you can expect friendly and welcoming service from our team.  We comprehend the significance of setting aside the opportunity to address your inquiries or worries about any administration before we start treatment.

We will probably make every patient feel great and as though they are at home.

A Guide to Ottawa Teeth Whitening At Any Age

Teeth whitening are a great way to get a better looking smile. It’s simple, quick, conservative, and effective. Our smiles will become stained and discolored over time, in our Dental office any one come and can benefit from a teeth whitening treatment at Florence Dentistry. Keen on a total grin makeover or need to discover what other corrective dentistry medications are accessible? Visit our Ottawa dental office for an entire discussion, here we are happy to assist any age of patient and offer various types of service and facility.


Whitening At The Dentist

In-office teeth brightening systems performed by a restorative dental specialist gives brings about one visit. A brightening gel is put on the teeth before they are presented to a laser. This strategy is one of the speediest systems for brightening. Seat side fading may require more than one office visit, every one taking from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The procedure can brighten teeth by upwards of 10 shades.

White Strips

Drugstore items, such as brightening strips, contain a lower centralization of the same dying operators dental practitioners utilize. Locally acquired brightening units include plate, brightening strips or paint-on gel. The higher the peroxide rate on the film, the less time you have to put the strips on the teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

Brightening toothpastes have an uncommon compound or cleaning operator that gives extra stain expulsion adequacy. Not at all like blanches, toothpaste does not adjust the genuine shade of the tooth.

Our family dentistry hone offers different corrective dentistry medications to help you encounter better living through a brighter grin. Our Dentist needs every patient at Florence Dentistry to feel awesome about flaunting those magnificent whites, and we can get them silvery white with Ottawa Zoom Whitening. We offer both in-office and bring home teeth brightening at Florence Dentistry, helping you defeat a recolored grin to discover enhanced self-assurance.


Cosmetic dentistry is related to the revolution of the dentistry. Dentistry is more than making your teeth healthy and strong, it also makes your smile beautiful. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t start with the invention of resin cement in 1980’s. However, there have been instances throughout history where dentistry attempted to make teeth look beautiful.



In the ancient times more the 600 B.C. replaces of teeth and dentures using unusual materials like, ivory and bones, taken from human and animal dead bodies.
In ancient time, Egyptians are also aware about the cosmetic dental care, they used gold to make dental crowns and bridges. Egyptians were made first toothpaste form vinegar and pumice stone. They use seashell for tooth replacement and hammering them into their gums.
The Ancient Romans were also participating in cosmetic dentistry they also made their own toothpaste to remove stain. But mostly historians said that they used it as a mouthwash. Romans know that ammonia will help to remove the stain and whitened your teeth’s, so they use urine to clean the teeth’s.


Europeans were also taking an interest in Dentistry, but they were not succeeding to make smile beautiful most of the time. They were also use bones and ivory as dentures. But practicing of dentistry with teeth from dead bodies was not accepted by another living body & this process is not comfortable. You don’t believe that, during this period cosmetic dentist and barber are same one person, they do the both jobs of barbers & cosmetic dentist. Barbers will fill the teeth & use a coat to make it whitener. But coat will harm the enamels and tooth destroys itself.


China clay or porcelain was used for dentures in cosmetic dentistry, in starting of 1700, s. but this was not too successful. But in 1800’s, there is turning point in dentistry, education, now they are using metals in the socket of missing teeth. But the result was same as past, the body will also reject the metal as same teeth’s from human bodies. But nothing was a failure, they use porcelain teeth were becoming popular & dentists using molds with plaster to make dentures and it fit better.


As our ancestors, they teach us some techniques about cosmetic dental ottawa but we make it more advance and now we are succeed in our experiments. In 1900’s material used by dentists are almost replaced, porcelain/china clay was not economical on that time, they were replaced by plastics & acrylics. Today we are still using acrylics to create dentures. You know what, 20th century is the best moment when cosmetic dentistry really begins. Now, teeth’s were become more beautiful, natural & whiten. Today , dental care like teeth whitening, Composite Fillings and Bonding, Dental Veneers & Dental Implants are become more easier and safer.

Habits That Ruin Your Teeth


Many of us have habits that we do on the daily… but did you know that many of these habits that ruin your teeth!

Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice damages your teeth. Frozen hard ice cubes can easily crack and chip your teeth.

Tongue/Lip Piercings

Metal rubbing against gums results in damaged gums. Another problem with tongue piercings is that constantly biting down on metal can cause chipping or cracks in teeth. Tongue piercings also lead to increased bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to several problems.

Cough Drops

Yes, cough drops can be helpful when we’re sick, but unfortunately cough drops are part of the habits that ruin your teeth. They are often filled with a ton of sugar! Make sure you brush your teeth after you’ve finished your cough drop, or try sugar free cough drops as an alternative!

Opening Packages With Your Teeth

We often turn to opening stuff with our teeth. By doing so teeth can easily chip or crack. Try using scissors next time you’ve got something tricky to open!

Chewing on Pencils

Studying and working can often get stressful and many of us turn to chewing on our pencils or pens. Like most habits that ruin your teeth, this habit chips and cracks your teeth. If you feel the need to chew, try some sugarless gum next time!

Now that you’ve learned more about habits that ruin your teeth make sure you are careful and try to stay away from these!

Ottawa Downtown Dentistry offers certified ottawa dental services delivered by its Dental specialists to let you revitalize your smile.

Lack of Dental Care Plan in Canada’s Health Care System

canada-healthcare (1)

Maintaining good oral health is essential to our overall health. Unfortunately many of us avoid going to the dentist due to high costs. Hospital and physician care is covered by the health care system in Canada, but dentistry is not. Individuals wishing to attend a dentist must pay out of their pocket, or have a private dental care plan.

This is a problem in our health care system as many dental problems can lead to higher problems such as diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Canadians that have insecure jobs or receive low wages avoid the dentist due to the cost. These Canadians are also usually the ones with malnourished diets, and therefore those who need dental care the most. This creates a problem as those who need dental care the most, are the ones that receive it the least.

The lack of dental care in Canadian health care system is a problem that needs to be fixed. Canadians should all have access to dental care. This can be done by bringing dentistry into hospitals, community health centers, as well as having public dental clinics. This issue should be addressed so that in the future we can bring dental care into the Canadian health care plan, in order to allow all Canadians to get the overall health care they need.

At Florence Dentistry – Downtown Ottawa Dentist, we provide a wide range of ottawa dental services for patients needing various treatments from general to more detailed procedures.

What to Expect after Dental Implant Therapy



Expectation of Dental Implant Patients after Dental Implant Theraphy

  • Your damaged tooth is removed.
  • If you were sedated during surgery, you may feel light headed and drowsy… your dentist will recommend you have a family member or friend drive you home.
  • It is recommended to begin taking your prescribed pain killers PRIOR to the sedation wears off to ensure your comfort and relief of any residual pain from the surgery.
  • Light bleeding adjacent to the implant is to be expected… you can use gauze (sterilized by your dentist) to stop the bleeding.
  • Side effects over the next few weeks can be swelling, soreness and bruising… this is all normal, however should it last longer than a few weeks, consult your dentist.

Dental Implants aftercare Instructions

  • After placing dental implant, patient will feel some pain and discomfort. Level of pain is generally mild. After dental implant surgery, pain meds and antibiotics will be given by the surgeon. By taking analgesics, pain can be managed.
  • Patient should take cold food stuffs after implant surgery.
  • Patient ought to take lots of fluids and may drink a minimum of eight glasses of water or fruit juice every day.
  • Gush of blood for initial 24 hours after procedure is normal. To control bleeding, patient can put gauze pack for 30 minutes on implanted teeth.
  • Regular dental visits and check-ups helps dental implants patients to recover fast.

Should you fit the criteria for ottawa dental implant surgery, at Florence Dentistry : Our ottawa dental service are more than willing to walk you through the initial consultation and hold your hand through the recovery period – we accept all insurance companies, offer payment plans and direct bill.